• Security & Compliance

    Rogue Elimination
    Intrusion Prevention
    Forensic Analysis
    Vulnerability Assessment
    Legacy Protection
    Mobile Protection
    24x7 Policy Monitoring
    Regulatory Compliance Reporting
  • Network Assurance

    Solve Issues Remotely
    Remote Packet Capture
    Forensic Analysis
    Level 1 Helpdesk
    Proactive Monitoring
    Interference Detection
    Coverage Visualizations
    Regulatory Compliance Reporting
  • Mobile

    Real time Device Discovery
    Rogue Management with Threat Indicators
    Location Tracking
    Automated Protection
    Statistics and Health Anyalysis
    Full Reporting Capabilities

FHow can it be confirmed that your wireless computer network is secure from malicious attacks, hacking, interference or misuse?
WLAN Defence offers a suite of solutions that ensure that the Wireless element of the corporate LAN is protected from attack as well as providing a verifiable actively managed network.
The platform dramatically reduces the cost of seamless multi-vendor wireless network management, offers integrated 24 x 7 security and provides evidence of compliance & network assurance typically essential for enterprise computer networks in the Retail, Healthcare, Financial, Local Authority and Government Sectors
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